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Citroën - History 2

First mass production of a complete car in Europe

The model A shall be produced in the now 'S.A. André Citroën' named company from 1919, the first example delivered mid-year. It is always a great advantage to be able to start simultaneously with a new factory and a new model. And the idea adopted by Ford to produce only one model is also advantageous. Competitors such as for example Renault are either blocked by a number of old models or the old production lines, or both. Although one anyway accuses France (except Citroën) to have started not especially innovative after World War II.

In any case, the new company will start under the most difficult economic conditions, in a time of constant stock market losses. Nevertheless, one will very soon export vehicles. Until 1929 the sector of vehicle manufacturers will belong to the stronger expanding as well as the energy and chemical industry. As Citroën begins Renault is the biggest automobile producer.

There will be a fierce struggle for the individual stages of rationalization and the construction of new factories (eg Renault in Billancourt). Renault also has used contacts to the USA for trips. But ultimately Citroën will decide the competition for himself. What is hardly yet realized, France is not only the country with the earliest enthusiasm for the motorization, but has also promoted as the first and permanent the motor sports.

Now it's noticeable that André Citroën is less an inventor than instead a sales genius and marketed successfully the 'car for all'. Before the first car is produced, the necessary sales contracts for the mass production are signed. Large newspaper ads already are common at the time but certainly not the giant letters at the Eiffel Tower. Later, the daily newspaper will indicate with an advertisement in selected regions that later in the day an airplane will paint certain letters as smoke signals in the sky. A car factory may be seen from the inside 1927 for the first time.

Also the kind of spare parts supply with fixed prices and offer of replacement parts, increase the success. In addition, the Citroën own advertising agency, bank for paying by instalments and insurance agency. The toy manufacturer Francois Miguault realized the idea to produce, in addition to Citroën's for adults even those for children (picture), the buyers of tomorrow. Supposedly it has become during the long years 2 million.

Citroën seems to have a good relationship not only to his customers but even to his workers, in peculiarity his female workers. Shall belong with the years to his factory in addition to a hospital and a dental practice as a matter of course a kindergarten.

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