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Simca 1300 - 1501

In the year 1963 a 1300/1500 is much shorter. Only the relatively large wheel base he already has. The front is a little elementary and the rear more chubby. Not till 1967 the bearing-out is growing and both ends are more elegant. Under the body the engine of the predecessor Aronde is almost unchanged accepted. The undercarriage with double wishbones in front and precisely-controlled coil spring rigid axle is considered modern at that time.

Together with the auxiliary lights there is the special version (pictured above). Also a break is available, unusually a bit shorter. Altogether the Simca 1301 presents as a spacious and modern midium- sized car, that is also still made in one of the most modern factories. Unfortunately not always with the necessary quality control. Rust is e.g. unfortunately a theme and fits not for the reputable outfit.

The prospectus of the 1301 Special expressed naturally in different way. It turns out the roomy interior and luggage room, speaks of the great windows and the reclining seat fittings. A steering wheel with a low hub and horn ring is up-to-date. Unfortunately the wood-grained plastic cover for the dashboard too, that has left behind the initial phase of the single, square, all inclusive band speedometer. Watches are announced, although quite small, but at least with tachometer. In security there are for the car of 1973 already security-static belts and a foot control-washing system. Also convenient is the split up and down to open hatchback at the Simca Break.

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