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Simca 1100

In 1967 it emerges, 8 years after the first small car with a transverse engine, the Mini and after many more, eg by BMC and Autobianchi. It is typical of this car, it reinvents the wheel not new, but it's liked through the combination of its properties. That sounds like a practical car and it is. Therefore it can leave many contemporaries, mainly from Germany, far behind.

Typical of the French cars that time is the emphasis on a good suspension under slight neglect of the drive. Here purrs the of 1100 cm³ enlarged OHV engine of the smaller brother. But back to the wheels is offered a torsion bar suspension with stabilizers in front to double wishbones and back to simple wishbones. Yet no progressive suspension and therefore a bit harder, again unusual compared to the other representatives of the country. An elegant solution was found of the problem with the long, transverse torsion bars at the rear axle. They do not lead, as at the Renault 4 to unequal wheel bases, but arranged spatially entangled. In front you can even change slightly the height of the spring, but in rear not.

The stability of the Simca 1100 comes therefore from the lower frame. Interior side panels and (front) bolt fenders do less help. The body has a conservative design and little peculiarities except the folding rear seats. Extra space for the interior do not provide the transverse engine with wide engine room. Not just sitting giants want a very different seat- and steering wheel position. The back door is another special feature, why the first version still has a very clear bend to pretend a separate trunk. Later versions will approach more to the continuous bevel.

The engine indeed may be grumpy but reliable and is especially in its first versions not the strongest. The consumption keeps within limits. Later there is a trend towards up to 62 kW (84 hp) with a sharper camshaft and two double carburetors in the top version 1100 TI. Here then it looks better, but the body will not be more streamlined with two rectangular high-beam headlights in the radiator grill. Also the gear shift of transverse engines is in its infancy with its long distances and less accurate. The finish is French, but other contemporaries of the same price range rust also. Remains the French electrical equipment, which with its prices count to the top class in Germany.

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