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2023 Ram 1500

The company is now called RAM Truck under the umbrella of Stellantis and it has obviously decided to play an important role among the pickups that are so popular in the USA, even in the age of electric vehicles.

See for yourself below how clearly the four main objectives have been spelled out: range, towing capacity, payload and load time. This may come as a surprise given the order, but these are the requirements that buyers of such cars have.

And maybe then they'll be ready to switch to a purely electric vehicle in this class, which Ford with its Lightning and GM with the Silverado may not have quite achieved yet. The RAM 1500 might then come onto the market together with the GMC Sierra 2024.

So what's so new that the car is called a 'revolution'? Certainly not the front and rear LED lights, even if the latter is animated. Not even when so many cameras replace rear-view mirrors and ensure all-round visibility. And the B-pillars have often been omitted from prototypes like this one and reintroduced in the series.

But the space in and around the vehicle is impressive. A third row of seats is possible here, the box can be extended to the rear by the height of the tailgate and long objects can actually be loaded from there up to the frunk. A loading length of up to 5.9 m is promised for boards as well as e.g. for the mast of a sailing boat.

Maybe that's why each row of seats has only a maximum of two seats, so that the middle remains free. This probably also requires the configurable center console and is helped by a special rail system. And yet you also want to have increased legroom. RAM owners value large transport capacities.

On the other hand, the easily changeable tint of the glass pane in the roof is not that remarkable and whether the much-vaunted augmented reality really has more value than keeping your eyes on the road more, it will have to prove. And you have long since gotten used that the inmates also wipes on the touchscreen.

The 28 inches of the screen, which is composed of two parts, already demand respect, with the lower part revealing itself as a kind of tray that can also be used elsewhere in the truck. And even the upper part is adjustable at a sliding rail. And then this RAM can also follow its owner like a dog.

Then, of course, there's the much more eco-friendly interior design. And finally we come to the really important topic, the electrics. However, first of all a concession to everyone who is too lazy to plug in a charging cable at home. This is then done inductively by a robot that drives under the car.

No, after pointing out the possibilities of a motor at the front and rear, one prefers to praise the all-wheel steering with up to 15°. The air suspension is of course also worth mentioning, but then they let the cat out of the bag by wanting to deliver the new truck with solid state battery. The first spontaneous reaction was that it might take a while then.

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