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1981 Matra Murena

Its predecessors operate under the Chrysler-Simca label. Meanwhile the French HPA Group has taken over the car producer. Now stands before the name Matra the revived brand Talbot, which symbolizes a long automotive history back to 1903. Also the model name is changed. Instead of the panther from the Jungle Book it's about an aggressive mediterranean fish.

The shape is just a bit racier. What remains is the concept with a plastic body and the chassis from plate, which is galvanized for a much better durability. The mid-engine and the three seats next to each other remain. The drives will be stronger by drilling . The model with more displacement is even to obtain with overhead camshaft and in any case a five-speed gearbox is available.

The interior is significantly upgraded. Tweed and velvet prevail, the middle seat back is folded forwards now, the dashboard confidence-inspiring and steering wheel and handbrake now seem more organic. The pistol grip on the gear changing was lost before. Why is this largely smoothed and provided with almost all necessary accessories car far below the price for a roadster not a real success?

Probably because of the bad press about the Bagheera is squanderd the reputation largely. Are getting used toVenture with GfK automotive body shell, because they require completely different repair methods as sheet metal bodies. This is not always considered and well pottered straight on. One can unfortunately apply each filler and then grind until the doctor comes. Whether that it also holds, is another question. Generally, even without an accident with damage can be formed smaller cracks after time.

Still the Matra is a derivative of the Simca 1100 and its successors. From the undercarriage it is very similar. Only on the now driven rear axle is at the front driven car necessary a significant differently shaped arm with suspension. It is an irony of fate that this was made at the Bagheera from aluminum and all around it first and rather rusted, but it is now from steel sheet and the only rust. Since it almost contains the whole geometry of the axle, its replacement or repair is correspondingly expensive.

An evil has survived even this model change, namely the fixed hanging rear brake pistons. Otherwise are to mention only the at that time somewhat more vulnerable and expensive French electric with the particularly difficult plug contacts. Even the big engine is not always be given the required stability. The final knock-out for the car was the fact, that yet again the owner changes and the company Renault appears on the scene. It has finally more expensive Alpine rear-engine models in the program and does not see enough sales potential for the additional cheaper mid-mounted engines.

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