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1967 Matra 530 LX

If a car polarizes at this time, this was it. Not only because of the body, also of the handling characteristics. Its development has nothing to do with the forefather of this model, Rene Bonnet. Of the Djet models developed by him remains only the basic concept of the mid-engine. Now the company was taken over by the arms manufacturers Mechanique Aviation Traction, the Matra 530 was designed completely new.

First is searched a power train, which is arranged together with the gear closely to the drive axle. The almost accidental contact with Ford leads to mounting of the rear drive unit of the 17 M, which can show here its advantages as a short-build V4 engine. However, it remains for a relatively long wheelbase even room for a back bench, what is far from obvious for a mid-engine sports car.

However it must be the term 'sports car' called with caution. This in no way affects the road performance, least of all the acceleration. It attests the car rather a long-distance suitability with excellent suspension comfort, not to loud engine and because of the long transmission and the low aerodynamic bodywork a good petrol consumption. After all, with 51 kW (70 HP) almost 170 km / h are possible. However atypical for the construction of the car is the tight steering.

Perhaps that has more to do with the workmanship, which is really not always good considering the price. Even is to notice the different clearances around the front hood in particular to the pop-up headlights. And here are ideal the possibilities with this body of thermosetting plastic. One can not only remove each half of the roof half individually, but also the rear window with some effort. There is great comfort on dressy seats and a rich instrumentation behind an oval steering wheel because of the legroom.

If not the road performance, one can well call the body vanguard. It artfully conceals the vehicle length. The nicest it is probably on beginning. Later she is disfigured by fender horns and at the end as economy version the pop-up headlights replaced by extremely bulky top headlamps. But there then is already the successor in visual range.

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