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Walter Percy Chrysler, whose ancestors were called before the immigration from Germany Kreisler was born in 1875 in Wamego, Kansas. Chrysler who likes to work with his hands finish his education at the age of 24 years with a master letter. Until 1908, he brings it to technical director at the Santa Fe Railway Company.

He becomes manager at American Locomotive Company, the second largest locomotive producer. This company was in 1906 entered in the automobile business. The vehicles glorious participate in the car races at that time. 1911 Walter Chrysler moves to General-Motors subsidiary Buick. After 3 years of successful rationalization and improvement of production, he is appointed in the parent group and in 1915 he is vice president under William Durant. Nearly 5 years later leaves Walter Chrysler for a conflict with him the concern.

After a two-years restoration of Willys-Overland in Toledo, he ends up at the consolidated companies Maxwell and Chalmers. 1925 these companies merged in the newly formed Chrysler Corporation. The first self- contained Chrysler is called 'six' for the six-cylinder, developed by the acceptances engineers of Chalmers. Formed through acquisition of Dodge in 1928 and founding of De Soto and the low-price brand of Plymouth, formed the third-largest carmaker after GM and Ford. Even in the economic crisis of 1929 is enough money available to finance the Chrysler Building in New York, then the tallest building in the world. The company is said to be of the three the one with the most modern pallet of vehicles. Walter Chrysler retires in 1935 from active business and dies 65-year old two years later.

The summit of the innovation probably is the model Airflow in the year 1934, which with its aerodynamic shape will be a pioneer also for European vehicles, but no sales success.

Famous are the Chrysler Hemi engines. They arise when Chrysler started in 1951 to participate again in races and for this its V8 engines provide with a hemispherical combustion chamber. 132 kW (180 hp) brings the first motor. The successes are already soon, e.g. with 5 NASCAR wins and a second place in 1953. Changes at the mixture supply and discharge of exhaust gas brings 1954 173 kW (235 hp). Besides Daytona Beach will be reached thus for the first time the total NASCAR win. In the completely new 300 series is used the principle for the series. Here arise from 1955 - 1957 cars with 5.4 to 6.4 liter displacement and 220 kW (300 hp) to 278 kW (380 hp). Weaker versions are driving the New Yorker and Imperial models. About a lack of power you don't need to complain from these engines, but about too high production costs. This results in 1959 to abandon this design. In the race area, it will be taken up again in 1964.

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