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  Chevrolet Bolt EV

Although it is 'only' a concept car, it looks very practical at least from the outside. The management of Chevrolet seems to have learned, after Spark (Electric Vehicle) and especially the little desasters with the Volt. Two features of the new car are mentioned first, the range of approximately 320 kilometers and the price of 30,000 dollar. You see, it is already more product than concept.

Now, however, one must not be fooled, because it sounds very promising. At first glance the price seems rather low, even because the Euro has currently just 10 percent more value than the dollar. Maybe necessary taxes are not added and subventions not available in Germany are subtracted. Nevertheless, the car with nearly twice the range is a challenge to Golf E and BMW i3.

He is also announced for Europe, probably well via the Opel distribution. If one then promises the fast charging (80 percent in 30 minutes) and more manufacturers agree on a standard, the situation of pure electric vehicles could change rather quickly, the low oil price notwithstanding. With such a range the new car is already rather integrated into everyday life.

The list of materials used includes everything which is good and expensive. It will be interesting how much magnesium and carbon were allowed to extend. The emphasis on smartphones is significantly. It will open the doors and help to park the car by its own or its retrieval and, of course, allow reservations.

May be, at the end we will be delighted of a relative small all American car, packed with batteries and a pleasent, airy feeling of spaciousness. 01/16

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