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2020 Byton M-Byte

Actually rather a little negatively flashed from a video about the Tesla autopilot 10.2 of 2019 (40.50.2) with countless necessary interventions on the country road the Byton M-Byte comes with the new theme for tomorrow into consideration. Just the rather economical interior design of the Model 3 and now this exuberant equipment of the Chinese.

If this really is the production version, as announced at CES 2020, which should then be offered with this dashboard from $45,000, then Tesla is not the only one who needs to wrap up. Even those who have not yet considered the connectivity so urgently demanded by some to be the most desirable thing, will be at least partially disabused here.


Watch this video and understand what this company is still working on.

In addition to Benoit Rocco, head of design development, the board includes two Germans, Dr. Andreas Schaaf, head of the consumer department, and Dr. Daniel Kirchert as CEO. And these are by no means the only German engineers who now work for a Chinese company. It seems that manufacturers in their home country have not been able to develop accordingly. By the way, one of Byton's design centers is in Munich.

The display on the dashboard measures 48 inches diagonally. It is operated by a seven-inch screen in the steering wheel and/or another small touchscreen for the passenger on the centre console. A camera observes the driver and also enables fully automatic transition to another setup when drivers are changing.

If we look for an explanation for such a massive expenditure of digital and thus faster connectivity, the explanation is that this is now the most growing argument for buying a car, in China even more than in the rest of the world. The slogan is: 'Data power instead of horse power'.

As usual, the main display can be designed completely according to your own wishes. Of course, the engineers also had to think about what else they could fill such a large display with. The result is the areas productivity, well-being and entertainment.

The former is explained relatively quickly using the example of a video conference with colleagues. Feeling good is understood here as calling up one's own current training data, perhaps not necessarily everyone's cup of tea. And for entertainment, they've teamed up with Viacom CBS and have a huge pool of films. The disadvantage, however, is that the vehicle must be stopped at least to watch them.

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