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  Bugatti 2015

Look at it again before it probably disappears in the museum forever. It characterises not the development, but the beginning of modern times at Bugatti. It is rightly highlighted, as a courageous in thought-attempt which has failed grandiose in the realization.

Ferdinand Piech had stressed that even a sixteen-cylinder, for example, composited of two V8, not manage to come to the number of cylinders of the new Bugatti under development. In fact, he had placed on three rows of cylinders each six cylinders.

So then arise a V-engine from estimated 120° and a third vertically placed six-cylinder centered therein. Case of unequal firing interval, three connecting rods run on a pivot of the crankshaft, otherwise must be compensated by own pivots. Looked certainly beautifully symmetrical in the first sketches. Would hardly been shorter than the later series engine of the Veyron, because this is designed as (false) W16.

Take a closer look at this fine piece of technology. The transmission in the direction of travel gives its torque at the side as well to the front as to the rear. From the rear axle we see the axle drive, probably with locking mechanism, and the outlet to the right drive shaft. Wonderfully deep the engine with flat, finned oil sump. It is probably to assume a dry sump lubrication.

The two lateral rows of cylinders suck from above and eject downwards. It becomes critical for the middle row of cylinders. Their intake system interferes the of the adjacent. The harmony and beauty of the design finds an end here. One also probably has not got a grip on the enormous heat development.

Below yet such a legend: The engine of the Bugatti EB 218 presented in Geneva 1999. You can see beneath the EB 118 Coupé from 1998. Also the fourth picture here shows a hint on the engine.

At the very bottom the concrete become study, actually only virtual designed for the PlayStation video game series Gran Turismo. It is perhaps an outlook to the successor of the Veyron, produced 450 times. 1,103 kW (1,500 HP) should be possible. 09/15

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