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2019 Bentley Continental GTC

As if time had stood still, there is this duel between Bentley and Rolls-Royce, this time fought out between VW and BMW. Back then, RR won and was Bentley taken over. This time it is rather unlikely. Incidentally, both companies are sticking to the twelve-cylinder engine in these models. Whoever gets rid of it first may obviously have to feel like a loser.

BMW probably ownes the brand with the bigger image, VW the former RR workshops. They make up a significant part of the image of a Bentley. They can obviously tell you from every part of the car whether it was handcrafted and how much effort was put into it. In this way, and by emphasising their age in several places on the car, one enters into competition.

No, a convertible has never been particularly practical. What could be made up for with a lot of effort towards the saloon, has been done. For example, not only is the roof extremely well insulated against noise, but the windows are also double-glazed. In many details, one can understand the Bentley workers' joy in their product, not only in the leather wherever you look, but also in the seams that hold it together.

Actually incomparable, and those who value this also accept the prices, which can be driven up to just over 250,000 euros even with the V8, although the base price is still under 200,000 euros. Exemplary for the luxurious approach is perhaps the optionally available electrically folding centre section in the dashboard, which at one time can be completely congruent with the surroundings, then offers a somewhat idiosyncratic clock, a compass and the temperature or, as is common today, comes with a screen.

The classification as a jack-of-all-trades is not entirely accurate. That may be true of the drive power and the all-wheel drive, but such a vehicle cannot be spacious despite being 4.85 metres long. It is perhaps not even desirable, as are particularly sporty driving characteristics. They may have relieved this third generation here of well over 100 kg, but it has retained its GT characteristics.

Incidentally, you can recognise the V12 by the combined exhaust tips on the left and right, while the V8's are branched out into four tailpipes. It's easier for the interior size to make a confident impression.

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