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  Bentley Bentayga - Prototype

As it often happens case of rich people, they talk of saving. Not only that, of course, the W12 engine is 24 percent shorter than a 'normal' V12, it also has slimmed 30 kg compared to the basically same engine of the Flying Spur. It is even total a little lighter than this, although of course we act on the assumption of still almost 2.5 tons including the driver. However, you can start from even up to 3,500 kg. Also the CO2 emissions are now below the 300 g/km limit. It will be interesting how these values change, if a project with V8 diesel should be realized really.

It still remains a mystery where remained the almost 1.4 billion euros invested from 2014 to 2016. After all, the Group platform already existed. Suppose an optimistic approach, the production of about 10,000 Bentleys per year doubles by the Betayga and the development costs are amortized over 4 years, then each car involved with 35,000 euros. But Ferdinand Piech was so proud to have the workshops in Crewe in the Group. Now they can prove their skills on a brand new model. About 130 hours for manual production are provided for 58 professionals for each Bentayga. 09/15

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