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2024 BMW Vision New Class X

The term 'New Class' should actually be protected at BMW. It represents a time when BMW was doing very badly and, with great effort, for example because the car was still unfinished, they designed a mid-range car that later developed into a niche hit, especially with its smaller brother.

Do people at BMW wish such a miracle could happen again? No, the company is definitely not doing that badly. But at least the prototype presented here, which is closer to series production because it is already the third prototype (second see picture above), is supposed to be something like a new beginning.

But after all, a date of 2025 has already been named. If you look at the front, which played a special role at BMW more than at other manufacturers, then there is the double kidney grille in lighting design. Gone are the days of chrome plating, the whole thing is kept rather simple.

However, the substructure looks more like part of a bookshelf. If this is aerodynamic in this closed state, then we probably have to redefine the physics, just as we have to do with the air ducts that have recently become more frequent and are only hinted at past the front wheels.

The glass house appears extremely airy, even if the roof cannot be opened. If you look from the side, you have to confirm to the designers that they have created a different car than usual, but by no means just any arbitrary car. With a length of 4.7 m and an SUV height, you can't see the volume unless you're standing next to it.

Can you guess who inspired the choice of the new dashboard? Exactly. However, if you take a closer look, you will notice a black bar, a kind of head-up display that can output freely selectable information across the width. On this occasion, a BMW becomes a Peugeot with a speedometer that can be read above the steering wheel, which is apparently mandatory there.

The materials, unless you choose leather, are clearly biodegradable. No, it's not that they are easy to destroy, it's more the character of a harmony with the environmental considerations demanded by the future.

It's coming late, but it's coming, the ultimate leap to platforms that allow for more battery capacity and a smooth floor. With the revolutionary i3 one had already come this far, but now the move is probably seen as more in keeping with the times. All that's missing is a reasonable price and possibly little racing duels as possible for the crown of best acceleration.

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