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2015 BMW R 1200 R

It is called 'Roadster', has allegedly only the most necessary on board. After all, what is missing is the cladding and instead of a front Telelever suspension there is an upside-down fork. Already the predecessor of this motorcycle built since 2007 had this front suspension and the usual Paralever arm with the additional articulated joint at the back.

Compared to the R 1200 GS, brakes, drive train and therefore driving performance are the same, as well as to the R 1200 RT. However, the range of the springs differ, are much larger at the GS and even lower at the RT. Already the GS is 2000 € more expensive, the RT another 2700 €. The R 1200 R is by far the cheapest way to drive a 1200. Nevertheless, the GS sells significantly best.

The frame is devided into two parts with the engine as a supporting part in between. The seat can be adjusted in four steps by a total of 9 centimeters. The ignition key fits also for tank, case and theft protection, can always stay in the pocket for an extra charge. Also available as standard are the driving modes 'Road' and 'Rain', optionally 'Dynamic' and 'User'.

ABS and Automatic Stability Control are always present, while the Dynamic Traction Control with detection of inclined position has to be payed extra, as well as switching without clutch actuation and the conspicuous navigation system (figure 1). Even motorcycles already have (single-wire) CAN bus on board. So the mention of the possible Electronic Suspension Adjustment may not be a surprise. 11/16