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2018 BMW Concept 9cento

At first I thought BMW wants to josh me with this press release. Only empty words, more than usual, and not a piece of technology. The motorbike is 'the ideal cast for a spontaneous trip to Lake Como, the landscape around it and far beyond'.

I should not have watched the movie below. Granted, it only shows the obvious chocolate side of the new concept bike. But somehow I got fascinated. Only that, sorry, now a little oldfashioned BMW signs seems strange here and the container for the brake fluid.

But otherwise, I have not seen such a tank shape yet. The bench becomes so filigree to its end that you can not imagine a second person taking place, especially on a long journey to Como. But this is widened by the cases, even very futuristic mixtures, actually unimaginable at a traditional hotel reception.

Granted, the blue is strangely more effective in the video than in sunlight. It harmomizes perfectly with the rest of the colors. Did you see the red on the rims? It turns and gets faster and faster. Words are too insipid for this design.

Or have you ever encountered such a windshield, considered as full-fledged, in even approximate this form? Yes, it should be lightweight, matching to the rest, not missing the cardan drive with single swing arm. Occasionally recognizable only with a close look the surface design with 'reflective chrome effect', 'fine-grained structure' with recognizable 'milling direction' on the aluminum parts.

No, the engine does not seem to be important, it has lost its might over the term 'motorcycle'. Much more interesting, however, the light signature, even the back, although already known. But maybe the video in the perfectly lit studio makes the bike more beautiful than it is. . . 05/18

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