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2015 BMW 7 Series

Should you, in the near future, carry out an animated discussion with your partner in the car, don't be surprised if the music suddenly gets louder. Nobody did this deliberately, to drown you out. You have probably bought a sound system with gesture-control and the system has misunderstood the wild gestures that sometimes occur in discussions.

The price-list alone takes up 88 pages.

Have a look at the distance between the respective movements and the device in the following video, you'll then know what we mean. For the operation inside a car this is quite remarkable. Who knows, what kind of other misunderstandings could also occur. Whichever way you look at it, in this case, the display always remains free of greasy fingerprints.

The new 7-series is probably one of the first BMWs to profit from the i-development. Therefore, huge amounts of carbon finishing have been used, which of course, are very welcome in the case of the largest saloon. In the video below, one speaks of the mixed materials method. This only goes to show, that carbon is not suitable for everything, there probably won't be a complete car-body, also not in the case of electric cars.

Everything that is good and expensive is put into this car. Even the front passenger seat can be controlled from the rear, e.g., to give the rear passengers more legroom. Indeed, one can't help but feel, that even when four people are in the car, there is more furniture than there are people. The wide, high centre-console, which runs through to the rear, the front seat back-rests which are fitted with monitors and fold-down tables, the thicker front seat back-rests or the cooling compartment under the fold-away rear middle arm-rests, which extends back into the luggage compartment in the rear.

Have a look at the styling-details shown above. There are these modern headlights, in which there is almost as much movement as in the engine itself. The corners in the bodywork are more accentuated than in the 5- series, more conspicuous in the front than the rear. What they consider to be artistic exhaust pipes, are in reality,only their frames (in the 'Pure Excellence' model), which are joined by a narrow chrome bar. Then you get out of the car and it moves itself into the parking slot (picture 5), the first approaches towards autonomous driving. Will this become reality someday, through a simple software update? 06/15

Other highlights
Wonderful dashboard
Alcantara ceiling
Panorama glass sunroof
600 metres laser-high-beam
Steering/counter-steering on the rear wheels

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