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2023 BMW 5 Series

The true electrification of the 5 Series clearly shows the advantages and disadvantages of the BMW concept. One wants to offer the same model in all versions and thus leave the choice to the buyer. So there is no special electric platform here.

Always fixed, not to be opened glass roof with blind.

However, the new i5 will probably be on the market earlier. The 'old' 5 Series, which did not yet have a real e-alternative, will be replaced after just three years. It has now become almost 10 cm longer with a 2 cm longer wheelbase. But this can be compensated for by the already existing active steering.

The length not so much, but the wheelbase is important for the battery capacity to be installed. The new i5 is disappointing here, and the great values for the range don't help either. What is also noticeable is the increase in height of at least 3.6 cm, while the trend is actually tending in the opposite direction due to better aerodynamics.

The quite good cW value of the entry-level version is not reflected in the increase in the cross-sectional area, and incidentally also not in the width by 3.6 cm. And the new i5 can shine with a relatively low curb weight, at least again in the entry-level version.

There is no need to mourn the loss of the eight-cylinder engine, it was already gone. At the moment there is a weaker petrol engine with stronger electric support and a stronger diesel with a significantly weaker electric motor, the latter possible with xDrive, both with the same small 48 V battery. But there are still powerful 3 liter inline 6 cylinder engines.

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