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2016 BMW 330e

To the anniversary of the felt one hundredth plugin hybrid on our sides and after the introduction of the still new, but little accepted subventions in Germany, we want to look at the question of what is the real added value of this BMW sedan and its additional price ...

The gross cost of the 320i is € 35,450 and the 330e derived from it is € 43,600. It is however only to get from the Advantage version. Which includes light metal instead of steel rims, park distance control, active speed control and a 'storage package'. So who orders that with the 320i, comes to € 36,200 and to a difference of € 7,400.

The difference decreases from the next higher equipment variant to 6.850 €, probably because of the 2-zone automatic climate control in the 330e, in the highest even to 6.650 €. If you ordered the 320i with automatic, the price difference would have to be deducted again by 2,150 €. For potential buyers of well-equipped cars, the additional price due to subventions in Germany is only 1,500 €. Anyone who tends to relatively frequent vehicle changes, might possibly have additional profit from the higher selling price of a plug-in hybrid.

It goes even further, because the German car tax decreases from 110 € to 40 €. But buyers of the 330e would also lose something, e.g. 100 liters luggage compartment. The higher weight (+ 230 kg) would have an effect on the fuel consumption on longer distances. However, really worthwhile it is, if someone lives only about 30 km from his work and can charge there. If I, nevertheless a frugal person, would intend to buy a BMW 3series, I would know what to do . . . 11/16