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2024 BMW 1 Series

Let's start with the drives this time. They are still manageable at the beginning. The 1 Series with 2 liter diesel engine is called 118 d without and 120 d with 15 kW (20 hp) mild hybrid in the transmission.Then the weaker petrol engine with1.5 liter three-cylinder in the 120, also with mild hybrid and the very powerful 2.0 liter four-cylinder in the M135 xDrive.

The name makes it easy to recognize the all-wheel drive that will be standard. It is easy to identify from the rear because it is the only one with visible exhaust-pipe ends. There is also a diffuser that matches the color, which takes some getting used to. Like all combustion engines, it is supplied with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. Its driving stability is supported by an arsenal of assistance systems.

The BMW 1 Series is now in its fourth generation. It is 4 cm longer and 2.5 cm higher than its predecessor, with the same wheelbase. Its drag coefficient has deteriorated slightly. The cut at the front of the hood takes some getting used to. The huge opening at the bottom is actually only needed by the M135.

Otherwise, the front is pleasing, especially the differently arranged struts in the radiator grille. It's a shame that the area for the sensors has to be so large. The headlights have basically remained the same, only their interior has been changed.

The newly designed interior is particularly pleasing with its curved 2x10.7'' displays, the low center console, the detailed door panels, the colored stitching and, above all, the sophisticated lighting everywhere. The light field in the middle of the dashboard is also well received.

This may be an entry-level model, but not in the classic sense, it would already be more in the luxury and pampering world. We'll see whether the entry-level price, which is rarely the case, will conjure up enough new customers for BMW.

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