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BMW 1series

If you definitely want to drive a dynamic compact-car with rear-wheel drive, then you should act in the next 2 to 3 years, because apparently, this will be the last Series 1 to have the virtue praised by BMW, of having a steering which is not influenced by the drive-train and which has a weight distribution of 50:50.

Almost 2 million sold in 10 years.

One has already anticipated using front-wheel engines from their construction set. These are of course, already being used in the Mini and will then give the Series 1 the impression of space having being used more economically. Indeed, there are already three-cylinder petrol- and Diesel powered engines, in the past turbo-chargers were already to be had, the same as in the last six-cylinder engine in the M135, now with 5 kW more.

Single-zone automatic air-conditioning is standard.

So, enough performance is provided and in spite of the somewhat higher weight for a compact car, the loading capacity is more than sufficient. In this respect, nothing has been changed, the same as the inevitable 40-20-20 partitioning of the rear-seat backrest. The length, width, height and the wheelbase measurements have remained the same.

The interior has been optically and haptically refined

It is after all, just a face-lift, more outside than inside and more in the rear than in the front. The latter refers to the headlamps, which have now become somewhat narrower and can emit their light in all directions. The changes to the grille: a wider chrome beading and full-LED as an optional extra instead of Xenon. The retouching done in the area of the fog-lamps below is more pronounced.

Standard: i-Drive with a 6,5-inch-display

What has been vastly improved is the rear, where the lighting, equipped of course with LED, is now integrated into the tailgate. The car now gives the impression of being wider and not quite as chubby. So, go ahead. Or are you a fan of something more dynamic with a weighted drive-axle? Then you'll have to be patient, also, you shouldn't be a fan of the famous six-cylinder, because that doesn't fit in any more, not even in the 'M'. 01/15