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2016 BAIC Senova X35

As a consumer, you can scale very precisely. Do I need 10 cm more length and height and 7.5 cm more width? It can be assumed that half of the increase in length is due to the 100 liters more in the luggage compartment, because the wheelbase has only increased by 5 cm.

However, the vehicle is also 100 kg heavier than its smaller brother, which is not compensated for by the higher overall weight. The engine also remains the same. So it will have to work harder, although the 7 kg/km more CO2 is still moderate.

After all, the car is 3,000 euros more expensive, which again includes the air conditioning. Overall, buyers will appreciate being able to choose a car for their purposes with such precision.

However, the Option Packet Elite for at least € 3,570 should be checked out, which includes useful things like a reversing camera and 40/60 folding rear seats, but also interesting things like an electric panoramic sunroof, higher-quality leather and cruise control, but unfortunately also the outdated four-speed automatic.

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