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Tradition and Technique

TypeNSU 1000 TT
Displacement1085 cm³
Bore * stroke72 * 66,6 mm
Compression9 : 1
Engine controlOHC (chain)
Performance40 kW (55 HP)
Rated speed5500 rpm
Power driveRear engine, transversal with rear drive
Front suspensionDouble wishbone
Rear suspensionSemi-trailing arm
Top speedApprox. 150 km/h
Manufactured1965 - 1967

What has become of the well-behaved NSU Prinz? It is quiet a metamorphosis. With 150 km/h maximum speed the 1000 TT is a nightmare for its competitors in the middle class. This is due to its modern engine featuring an overhead camshaft and five-bearing crankshaft. Indeed, if you, as a successful motorcycle producer, are in need of a four cylinder engine for a car in this time, you have to design a new one. It yields advantages against competitors carrying along old constructions. Only the air cooling is almost indispensable, because a liquid cooling costs a lot of weight for rear engines. Today, only the Smart gets by with a small radiator above the drive.

The TT will be in great need of more cooling, e.g., oil cooling under the front fender. Its performance will clearly rise in the course of its development, in its racing outfit it will even almost double. The TTS will experience a decreased cubic capacity. It is not clear why they keep below 1,000 cm ³ and do not use the full permitted 1,150 cm ³. The car performs its task well in many racing disciplines, however, in one of them the TTS is nearly unbeatable, the slalom. Obviously, cars in same way behave like ships. Their length is suited more or less optimally for different wave lengths. The chassis and length of the TTS makes that if you put obstacles on the road at a relatively short distance from each other, the car moves with its rear engine in such a way that it drives round in the fastest possible time, even if its competitors have much more powerful cars.

The TT and even the TTS are suited for everyday life except maybe for the bonnet that remains slightly open (picture 2). The engine offers besides high revs also a pleasant elasticity. Managing the slalom so well, the car is definitely well-equipped for all kinds of bends on the country road. Also on the highway it manages to keep up with more expensive cars, because their body is mostly not very aerodynamic.

TypeNSU 1200 TT
Displacement1177 cm³
Bore * stroke75/66,6 mm
Mixture preparation2 side-draft carburetors
Performance48 kW (65 HP)
Rated speed5500 rpm
Top speedMore than 150 km/h
Manufactured1967 - 1972

TypeNSU 1000 TTS
Displacement996 cm³
Bore * stroke69/66,6 mm
Compression10,5 : 1
Mixture preparation2 side-draft carburetors
Performance51 kW (70 HP)
Rated speed6150 rpm
Top speedMore than 160 km/h
Sales price7500 DM
Manufactured1967 - 1971

NSU Ro 80
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