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NSU Ro 80

TypNSU Ro 80
EngineTwo-disc rotary engine
Chamber volume497 cm³
Compression9 : 1
FuelRegular gasoline
Mixture preparationDual downdraft carburetor, start automatic
IgnitionDual ignition, from 1970 single condenser, thyristor later
Tank capacity83 liter
Torque160 Nm at 4000 rpm
Performance84 kW (115 HP)
Rated speed5500 rpm
TypeLongitudinal engine, front drive
TransmissionThree-speed semi-automatic, torque converter
Wheelbase2860 mm
Suspension frontMcPherson spring struts, stabilizer
Suspension rearSemi-trailing arm
SteeringGear rack, servo
BrakesDiscs f/r, 4 +2 brake circuit distribution
Tyres175 R 14 H (5")
Length4795 mm
Width1760 mm
Trunk600 liter
Kerb weight1290 kg + driver
Top speed 180 km/h
Year of construction1967 - 1977
AwardCar of the Year 1968
Electrical12 V/ 63 Ah/ 770 Watt
OptionsAlloy wheels, three-point belts and head restraints in the rear, steel crank roof (electrically possible), heat insulating glass, tape set, radio with retractable antenna

RoRotary engine
80originally planned ...
Engine performance: 80 HP
Kerb weight: 800 kg
Sales price: 8.000 DM

The fact that this car is not very economical, may be recognizable by the (for the time) unusually large tank. This characteristic and its more than average harmful emissions are also a burden to the car until its last day. In the course of the years, NSU is successful in removing its childhood illnesses. A long-lasting sealing between rotary piston and trochoid housing and a better coating of the running surface increase the very low durability of the engine almost to normal values. The engine still does not appreciate a sequence of short distances.

Also the lubricating oil consumption can be regulated. The Wankel engine is lubricated by a mixture of oil and fuel as well as by pressure lubrication. The first series consumes quite a lot of oil. Improved sealing between the internal oil space and the chamber volume also provide for relatively little oil ejection after a longer stand still. Learn more about the engine here.

The car features a modern, beautiful car body which should have yielded a higher number of sales figures. The low engine enables a smoothly rising bonnet. The large and just slightly sloping windscreen is ahead of its time. The interior is relatively limited, though. This holds true also for the road performances and especially the acceleration.

Positively are the external appearance of the car, and the large wheel base, in spite of its longitudinal engine and front-wheel drive. The car drives smoothly and has a high comfort. Why did not they establish this car also with a conventional engine? Enhancing comfort and sport unsuitable is to the semi-automatic. A bit unusual for the front-wheel drive are the rear semi-trailing arms. For increased security requirements, there is a 4x2 dual-circuit brake with two brake hoses to each front wheel.               Top of page               Index
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