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  Audi A8 L extended

No, simply extend on customer's request is not possible. The specialists at Audi have spent almost a year for this unique. Where it is likely to stay alone because they have already further orders. Unspecified what the customer had to pay for it and whether it will be cheaper for another. Even the A8 L costs more than 100,000 euros.

The A8 is even more complicated due to its all-wheel drive. Not only length and wheelbase is grown by 1.09 meters, but also the propeller shaft. And then there's the alumnum body. The extent of the conversion may be imagined at the over 400-kilo weight handicap. They state to have 'almost' reached the torsional rigidity of the A8 L.

Anyone who spends a lot of money, may well express special requests even with Audi. So all six passengers are sitting in the same direction (photo above). Even the heavy car has the smallest engine, a gasoline V6, which is obviously felt for the A8 series as too weak. Nevertheless, the driving performance of the car is indicated with 250 km/h and 7.7 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. So you can realize how overpowered the A8-series must be, in which also the S8 is available.

A major problem with an extension is the roof. A slight dome, also from front to back, is difficult to create here. Fortunately, there are also in the series two glass roofs as an option, which could be extended to 2.4 meters in length. And would you have known that vehicles of this size must have side marker lamps by law? 04/16

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