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2020 Audi A6 Avant TFSIe quattro

If we are allowed to choose a model, it is best to choose the most expensive one. There are now almost 4,000 € for the petrol instead of diesel engine, 2,700 € for the quattro drive and about 2,500 € for the Avant. The € 4,000 for the hybrid drive is no longer a factor, mitigated by the premium of € 3,750 and tax breaks.

You're right, there's a good € 10,000 missing. If you assume a basic price of about 48,000 € for the A6 and the above mentioned price for the 55 TFSIe quattro, then this is the price for the sports equipment to order bindingly on this model and 50 kW more electric engine power. Strange only that the sports equipment otherwise only costs 2,300 € more.

It can therefore be assumed that the sports equipment of the 55 TFSIe quattro is richer. A look at the surcharge list confirms this impression. However, with this hefty surcharge, it would be advisable to choose the model 50 TFSIe quattro and go through the surcharges individually. But this is not possible, as the 50 TFSIe quattro is only available as a saloon.

So if, as Audi claims, the beautiful station wagons are called 'Avant', then access to them should not be so difficult. We also have another aspirant up our sleeve, namely four-wheel drive. You can drive without it locally emission-free and should at least be able to choose. From the savings you can then perhaps afford the more safety relevant matrix light.

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