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2023 Audi A1 allstreet

After all, you have to be happy that it still exists. If you buy it, it is new, but has not changed for years. We already had talked over the 'Sportback' in 2018, but not the 'allstreet' yet.

They are both still offered, but they don't differ significantly from each other. The allstreet is basically a raised Sportback that was called 'citycarver' before 2022.

In modern German, such models are referred to as 'cross'. No, the new one can't really handle all roads because it doesn't have all-wheel drive. On top there is a five-door body with a sloping rear.

You just sit a little higher with a probably tolerable additional consumption. However, you should be sensitive to Audi's pricing policy, because the Sportback is €1,800 cheaper.

Former Audi boss Markus Duesmann described the departure from the original A1 as a 'realignment as a premium brand'.

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