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Aston Martin Short story

1899Lagonda Engeneering Company, named after a river in Ohio (USA), William Gunn
1907First Lagonda vehicle
1913Lionel Martin und Robert Bamford take over, shortly before WW I Singer-agency
1914Founding of the 'Aston' Martin Ltd., named after the racing in 'Aston' Hill, Lagonda builds 11,1 HP
1915First racing-vehicle "coal box" finished
1919Robert Bamford leaves the company
1920Second racing car completed
1922Racing-participation e.g. Isle of Man, GP France (Zborowski)
1923Production starts
1924Financial support by Graf Louis Vorow Zborowski
1926Bankruptcy, rescue company: Cesare Bertelli, William Renwick, Domenico Augustus and Lord Charnwood, new company residence in Feltenham, Bertelli and Renwick bring in 1,5-liter engine, Lagonda 14/60, design by Arthur Davidson
1927Numerous racing victories
1932Owner-change to Arthur Sutherland
1931Participation at Le Mans with three vehicles, best at position 5 overall
1932Position 5 and 7 overall in Le Mans
1933Position 5 and 7 overall in Le Mans
1935Bankruptcy Lagonda
1937New 2-liter-engine, position 5 overall in Le Mans, Lagonda LG45
1939Atom Sports Saloon (Picture top), Lagonda LG6
1945Death Lionel Martin
1947Tractor- and agricultural engines producer David Brown takes over Aston Martin and Lagonda
1948Development new DB 1
1949Position 7 overall in Le Mans
1950Position 7 overall in Le Mans, production of the DB 1 as DB 2, DB 2/4
1951Design DB 3 by Eberan von Eberhorst
1953Body shop Salmonds Tickford and its manufacturing in Newport Pagnell taken over, the transfer takes a lot of time
1954DB 2/4
1958DB 4 introduced in Paris with new design, engine by Tadek Marek
1959Victory Le Mans and Sports racing-brand mastership
1963DB 5 with 4 liter inlin sixcylinder
1966DB 6, four seats
1967DBS + Vantage
1972David Brown sells to Compagny Developements Limited
1978Lagonda saloon, William Towns
1986Vantage V8 Zagato
1987Take over by Ford
1988Completely new 5,3 liter Virage
19926,3 liter Virage, Volante, Vantage
1993DB 7, initials of David Brown taken on again
2001V12 Vanquish
2004DB 9, Vanquish S
2005V8 Vantage
2006DBS in movie
2007Ford sells Aston Martin at 480 Mio. Euro to former BAR-F1 team leader and 2 Kuwaitian banks               Top of page               Index
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