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Aston Martin History 2

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We come to another feature of this company that relates to the previous one. It seems to come from it a certain fascination, the well-heeled men - also from slightly aristocratic home - get, and bring them to invest when the end just threatened once again. In place of Bamford it was now the Count Zborowski, also described as a dazzling person.

He had no long, but for that a very intense life. 29-year-old he dies in an accident in Monza (Italy) in 1924. Until then, however, he made a stir at the company Aston Martin. On the still visible today oval of Brooklands south of London in a stressful long distance test tumbled one record after another. Not all race participations were so successful and of course such a playboy did not pay attention very much on the numbers.

It is then so far in 1925. The first bankruptcy has also driven Lionel Martin from the company and the gentlemen (Lord) Charnwood and Benson brought fresh money into the cash box. Another relocation was added, further away from London to the west. Important for the progress of company history were probably the men Bertelli and Renwick, the also immediately brought an engine developed by themselves.

It was again a 1.5-liter, but this time with an overhead camshaft. It preserved therewith the continuity of the previous engines of Aston Martin. With two financiers and at least one the took care (Bertelli) the company can continue to operate, however, the cash situation was now better taken into account. Thus, the International emerged as a convertible, four-seater and sedan in 1929, however, it had to earn back its reputation through successful race participations. 12/15

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