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2020 Aston Martin DBX

Certainly, one can reduce an automobile since some time no longer to its power unit or even his engine. If you read yourself through the brochures of the new DBX for example (pardon click through), is there more information about the additional packages for cyclists and dog owners than about the engine. In the near future, you will be lucky to be able to find out at all whether it is about a combustion engine or electric motor. And the battery capacity of the latter can only be found in special brochures.

The British are granted their pleasure in the new car, which was designed with a view to the future and the 106-year tradition. The radiator grille dates back to the DB 2 prototype of 1949. The two initials are from David Brown, who bought the company after the Second World War from a newspaper advertisement and gave it a new spirit. At the same time Lagonda was added, also still used today as a trademark.

No, the car won't collapse under the weight of history. On the contrary, CEO Dr. Andy Palmer preaches it again and again with such references to the past. away from the annoying competition SUVs of the upper class. May we say as a German website at all that this is a German duel between Daimler or AMG (DBX) and VW Group ( Lamborghini Urus, Bentley Bentayga), soon extended by the Ferrari Purosangue (thoroughbred).

The Bentley has less power with the same cubic capacity and is about 15,000 euros cheaper. The Lamborghini has considerably more power and is 10,000 euros more expensive. The Rolls-Royce Cullinan is much more expensive, the Maserati Levante Trofeo despite Ferrari-V8 significantly cheaper. The DBX is manufactured in a new plant in St Athan (Wales). The producer refers especially to the obviously higher proportion of manual work. It was not until 2017, after six years of losses, that the company returned to profitability. With the DBX one hopes to stabilize this.

Many details of the interior design of course agree with the other vehicles of the manufacturer, only that here much more space is available. There are also similarities with the E-Class. The air conditioning is three-zone, leather, metal and wood applications complete the picture. The 12.3 TFT behind the steering wheel shows normal round instruments, very harmoniously fitted 10.25 inches in the middle.

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