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Aston Martin DB 5

Aston Martin DB 5
EngineIn-line six-cylinder
Displacement3995 cm³
Bore * stroke96 * 92 mm
Cylinder headAluminum
Engine controlDOHC (chain)
Mixture preparation2 SU-carburetors
Cylinder blockAluminum, wet-cylinder liners
Performance207/231 kW (282/314 HP)
Rated speed5500/5750 rpm
Drive trainFront engine with rear-wheel drive
TransmissionFive-speed, three-speed automatic
Wheelbase2490 mm
Suspension (front)Lateral arm, coil springs
Suspension (rear)Rigid axle, Watt-linkage, coil springs
Brakes f/rDiscs
Length4480 mm
Width1680 mm
Height1310 mm
Weight1450 kg + driver
Construction period1963 - 1965
Maximum speedApprox. 230/250 km/h

The history of the car brand Aston Martin takes with this model a significant turn. The more it mutates to a movie star, the more the brand wins its luster as a hatchery of GT cars for connoisseurs. Together with the previous racing successes one need no longer care about the image. Even years later it will be save the company from time to time.
Goldfinger is the third film in a long and very successful movie series, based on novels by Ian Fleming, an English author with et al. considerable technical creativity. Some of his gimmicks shall be asked even by true intelligence people. Some of them are even emerged in the reality. Not the ejection seat, but what is not until now, can come indeed.
As you already noted in the description of the story, one Aston Martin is naturally not enough. A total of three are needed. They are fitted with special equipped systems. Though the during the drive variable number plate is harmless, more interesting are the offensive weapons in the form of a machine pistol in the rear light and tyre slashings on the side. To protect the occupant allegedly can be pulled a bulletproofed shield out of the trunk. And tracing via the navigation device is now really. For a scene is even used an ejector seat to free James Bond alias Sean Connery from an emergency.               Top of page               Index
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