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Mobiles F9




1924 Aston Martin Sidevalve Tourer 1924

11 hp Sports
EngineInline four-cylinder
Displacement1484 cm³
Bore * stroke66,5 * 107 mm
Cylinder headCast together with cylinder block
Engine controlSV
Performance31 kW (42 HP) at 4000 rpm
Drive trainFront engine with rear drive
Wheelbase2.657 mm
Suspension f/rRigid axle, quarter/half elliptik leaf springs
Brakes f/rDrums
Length3.658 mm
Width1.530 mm
Kerb weight813 kg
Maximum speedApprox. 115 km/h
Manufactured1923 - 25

This car is attributed to a series that is still ascribed to Martin and Bamford and inter alia through separate gear and worm gear differential is marked. Typical of sports tourer in that time is an engine bonnet made of bright aluminum. The series of engines with side valves is a part of - as with other companies also - the beginnings of the brand and does not exceed about 45 hp. In parallel, in the two race cars were used dohc engines with 16 valves, at that time a sensation. Later there are still in addition thermostatically controlled radiator shutters. Speeds above 160 km/h were achieved.