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2017 Alpine A110

Selectable driving modes. By double wishbones in any case positive camber should be avoided, even in sharp turns. To such a suspension fit the forged, hollow Fuchs rims.

The engine comes from the Megane R.S., but has less power and torque. Whether this is due to the changed arrangement of the drive unit, e.g. less space for the exhaust system. In any case, it has been completely transferred from the front to the rear axle, but without the suspension. Nevertheless, it is identical in front and rear in principle. This leaves a hopefully well thermally insulated luggage room at the very back.

So it is not really comparable to the legendary A 110 with rear engine. Its body of light metal is also an achievement of recent times. At Alpine, emphasis is placed on the particularly lightweight body and seats with only 13.1 kg. The weight distribution of 56 to 44 percent in favor of the rear axle is celebrated as a profit.

The new car will be built in a recently completed factory in Dieppe (Northern France - video below) and distributed by a new dealer network covering at least the motherland. The just under 60,000 euros expensive 1,955 copies of the Première Edition, however, are already completely sold.

May be the main competitor really is the Porsche 718 Cayman. But it is much heavier, also more powerful, faster and with more available space. It is also the question of who will be cheaper, if you compare same equipped. However, the A 110 is a really interesting alternative with its technology. From 2018 there will be the weight-optimized variant 'Pure' and the comfort-oriented 'Légende'. 12/17

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