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2017 Alfa Stelvio

Not any manufacturer without an SUV in its program, Bentley, Maserati and of course Alfa. A new shape on the flexible chassis of the Giulia. Typical for an SUV is the significant height and less the length. With 2.11 m width it is not allowed to take the fast in some Germany's motorway construction lanes.

The manufacturer endeavores to polish up its genes, the unmistakable Italian design with Scudetto grille and the engines, the strongest as in the Giulia of Ferrari. Meanwhile, one advertises such as in 4C strengthened again with the (power) weight. Production is in a new factory in Italy (Cassino - last video).

The type name of the new Alfa is taken from the highest mountain pass in Italy with 2,758 m, 20 kilometers with more than 75 curves. This is how to make an Italian tourist attraction known. Highlight will be next to the strongest engine the four-wheel drive with two clutches at the rear axle. So you can distribute the torque in the rear of the many Stelvio curves (torque vectoring), up to 50 percent also forwards.

In addition to Electronic Damping Control, even those made of carbon are available for the four disc brakes. Sporty touch convey the four tailpipes; In addition to wood especially carbon in the interior and the inevitable start button on the steering wheel. The price will probably be based on the German luxury brands, with perceptible discount. 11/16

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