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  Alfa MiTo

It is an attempt to unite in a type name the eternal rivalling with each other cities of Turin as headquarters of Fiat and Milano as headquarters of Alfa. The MiTo is manufactured on the basis of the Fiat Grande Punto since 2008. It occurs in the class of noble racers and competes now with Mini and the likes.

Unfortunately, the necessary to do facelift after five years has become quite spartan. Fiat currently seems to have no time for Alfa. VW has apparently tried to come here to another (beautiful) daughter, but on the other hand, this the Fiat CEO Marchionne wants now again not.

As nice as the car is ...

So if Mito translated from Italian 'myth' is, then one wanted to express a specific esteem and self-understanding at Alfa, what will more evident in the ideas supplier Alfa 8c. While the Grande Punto has developed to the Evo, the MiTo has remained a two-door coupe.

Design beyond doubt.

So no four doors and only a relatively small flap for the luggage compartment. But lifestyle in the form of conspicuous front and rear lights. It has been further developed in the course of five years, but it is not sufficient. Therewith are not meant the latest small chrome frames. The standard of the interior shall not be considered as typical Alfa. But the chassis, which one can also regard as too hard.

Difficult to score points in the desired class.

As nice as the dual-clutch gearbox is from 2010, there is clearly a lack of development. Technically, the weakest engine is considerably outdated. For the (optimized) entry 130 g/km are clearly too much. Only the new small, slightly cheeky two-cylinder ensures together with the large petrol or diesel engine for Alfa feeling. It remains only to wait for 2015 ... 04/14

Backseat (penalty) bench

Good standard safety equipment

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