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  eDrive - Cloze Test

1. If motion energy is led back as electrical energy into the battery we call this .

2. Real autonomous driving begins actually only from .

3. The BMW i3 has not made so many headlines due to its range, but rather to the enormous use of .

4 The purely electrical solution for long-haul traffic is currently being sought through a over the highway.

5. Ferdinand Porsche has become famous in the field of electric drives because of his hybrid drive and his .

6. If you rub a plastic rod with a cloth, the first thing you will get is .

and no current.

7. The positive pole of a battery is always the one with much more electrons than the negative pole.

8. Next to electric fields, the play an important role e.g. in an electric motor..

9. Today's synchronous and asynchronous motors usually do not require any .

10. A square wave signal, which extends as far into the negative as into the positive range and in which the oscillations are variable in their width, is called .

11. To convert an alternating current as completely as possible into a direct current, you need 4 .

12. Any combination of at least two power sources to make a motor vehicle move shall be considered as a .

13. A motor vehicle is driven not only by an internal combustion engine but also by an electric motor. Both act on the same axis and there is no belt connection between them. Then the electric motor is located near the if even existing anymore.

14. There are actually no hybrids. Range Extender may be called so.

15. An electric motor may e.g. together with a downsized internal combustion engine reduce the lack of in certain operational ranges.

16 A plug-in hybrid can be charged by socket. The indication says little about the of the high-voltage battery.

17 Although hydrogen can be used to drive an internal combustion engine, it is clearly more suitable to be used together with a .

18 In contrast to an electric heater for the passenger compartment in a pure electric car, a has clearly the better efficiency.

19. An electric car with 100 kWh battery capacity can only be charged 80 percent overnight in your garage if you have a electricity connection (Germany).

20 A typical feature of a pure electric car is its high weight and a low .


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