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 Engine Oil-Finder

  Cooling - Cloze Test

1. One thing is certain, the better the heating of the passenger compartment the worse the will be.

2. Water-cooled motors are usually less as air-cooled.

3. If a petrol engine overheats due to a fault in the cooling system, a possible defect can also be caused by noises from the combustion.

4. Oil in automatic transmissions must be regularly , oil of manual transmissions mostly not.

5. If the cooling system consists of two parts, one for lower and one for higher temperatures, normally two are necessary.

6. In a pure electric car, apart from the electronics and possibly the motor, the high-voltage battery increasingly needs a .

7. Besides one or more fans, a system of controls the air flow to the cooler.

8. If the complete vehicle front with radiator and lighting system is delivered to the production line, this is called a .

9. The air flow through the engine compartment should be as as possible.

10. Oil warms up more quickly after a cold start, but can become very hot at high loads. A with the cooling liquid is the perfect link between the two circuits.

11. The highest piston temperature is to be measured in air-cooled engines.

12. Not all heat can be converted to kinetic energy, but even this heat never goes at all.

13. All heat flowing into the cooling or escaping through the exhaust is supplied as energy.

14 The first vehicles with combustion engines did not have a cooling circuit yet. Again and again newly supplied water had to be added because of .

15. A good heat transfer from one body to the other is guaranteed by a large .

16. The Emily on the radiator of a Rolls-Royce and the Mercedes star at about the same place are well known. With other vehicles or before these positionings there was a at these place.

17. If the thermostat closes on a vintage car, the coolant runs exclusively through the .

18. If a fan is neither electrically driven nor rotationally fixed to the motor, maybe a frictional locking must be effective.

19. Ideal for the efficiency would be a combustion engine that would not have to be at all.

20. The precursor of the pump circulation was the circulation.

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