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Fiat Polski

While researching Fiat - Simca, Commendatore Armando Fiorelli suddenly appeared, later head of Mirafiori, then of passenger cars and then of commercial vehicle production. He is said to have previously initiated the production of Polski Fiats with his team.

They only had one domestically produced production car, the CWS T-1. Its production began in 1927 after around five years of development. According to Wikipedia, a total of around 800 vehicles were built thereof.

In 1930 the production facility was nationalized and added to the PZInz industrial complex. Since CWS did not have enough capacity for mass production, the Fiat 508 and later the Topolino (video below) were manufactured under license from 1934 onwards. This also made such vehicles more affordable in Poland.

There had always been contacts between the Polish government and Italy, which led, for example, to the granting of licenses to the Polish truck manufacturer Ursus in 1924, which was taken over by Fiat in 1926. The current collaboration can cautiously be dated until 1942.

Of course, that wasn't the end of the story; it really started after the war. The 508 Ballila was obviously built in all versions. There was even a military version (video below), including the 508 III from 1935, for example under the name Junak. The proportion of parts manufactured in Poland always increased, supposedly 95 percent in 1938.

Ultimately, production was not limited to inexpensive small cars, but also included the production of larger vehicles, including vans, buses and trucks. Fiat Polski's activities after the war are so extensive that there will be at least another chapter about them.

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