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  Lighting - Projection

A great future can be predicted for laser technology and the associated development of headlights and possibly projection technology. In addition, it is already used in the automotive sector to determine exhaust gas components during combustion and in cse of raw emissions, i.e. on the running engine related to the respective position of the crankshaft.

To name just the component that correlates most with the public discussion about fine dust: the formation of particles is examined depending on parameters such as the angle and shape of injection jets. When simulating driving a car, for example, it appears as a real projection. The driver is surrounded by a complete picture of the environment that changes as the journey progresses.

Laser technology has not yet advanced quite as far as what could be currently feasible on the vehicle. The picture above should give an impression of what is possible here. They are called projection spotlights. At Hella they fall under the term Visiotech.

In the first examples, communication was improved with pedestrians who wanted to cross the street in front of the stopping vehicle but were not sure whether they had been noticed. There was then projected in front of them a crosswalk to the middle on the road, even moving accordingly rolling up.

The Mini was also known for throwing its logo down onto the ground from its exterior mirror. In the picture above, an attempt is being made to prevent workers from colliding with cyclists.

You can see more options here. Above, moving traffic is reminded of the legally required speed when passing buses that have stopped. This also indirectly appeals to drivers to pay attention to bus passengers crossing the street in front of the bus.

And then this service also off the road. Access to the individual doors is determined in different colors. A reminder because most passengers should know where to board. If the bus carries additional projectors, signs at each stop might even be eliminated.

There's really a movie going on here. Instead of the usual signal tone, the driver receives precise information about how far it is to the ramp. Especially with the monitor, which adjusts itself to the end of the trailer even in a folded position, instead of an exterior mirror, maneuvering can become a very relaxed affair.

The area to be projected could also be entered beforehand, for example for an excavator that is supposed to dig a basement for a house. Or the vehicle being loaded by a combine harvester while driving would know exactly where it should be. If you park too close behind a car with a large tailgate, this could also be indicated by a projection spotlight.

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