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Inline Five - Cylinder Block


A 5 cylinder in-line engine is displayed in Open deck design. The cylinder crankcase consists of aluminium silicon, the cylinder sleeves are manufactured from cast iron.

The first, at least in Germany, was the OM 617, which Ferdinand Piëch designed for Mercedes in the interval between his jobs at Porsche and at Audi, according to his autobiography. Also to be presumed that the introduction as petrol engine at Audi was initiated by him, too. All of these motors were installed longitudinally.

At Audi, it was on the one hand increasing the performance by more displacement, as one sees on the employment of the five-cylinder somewhat later in the quattro. A V6 would have been possible at that time, but that would have meant a new construction. It was much easier to attach a cylinder to the existing four-cylinder with an extra displacement of 0.5 liters. An inline sixcylinder was forbidden because of the exposed position far forward. 05/17

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