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Visual inspection of the ignition system for cracks and colour changes.

Although as a rule, an ignition system like this no longer has any moving parts, it can however, still cause problems. Should the ignition spark, through some or other disturbance, not arc correctly, with it's normal energy in the spark plug, the tension will attempt to find earth (minus) somewhere else. This can be recognised by the engine misfiring. The flash-over point can be found, e.g., by black spots. These are possible, and likely to be found on the ignition coil. In the dark, one can sometimes see where the spark is arcing to wrong place.

Except for gas-operation hardly any spark plug problems.

One can unscrew the spark plugs to carry out a visual inspection. A brown colouring still indicates that all is well, black means that the mixture is too rich and white to grey means that it is too lean or that the combustion is too hot. Actually nowadays, the problems with spark plugs have been reduced to a minimum, the changing intervals have also been extended. Only dual-fuel engines are recently causing trouble again.

The main relay as a troublemaker.

Now of course, the ignition is integrated into the engine management. Therefore, e.g., the main relay is often the cause of low tension, which results in distinct misfiring in the entire system. A small problem (which can be fixed for a reasonabe price), but one that has a large effect. 02/10

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