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 Engine Oil-Finder

Centrifugal Advance Device


The centrifugal governor in the distributor was important for the right ignition time at higher revs, as it provides the advance of the ignition taking into account the respective balance between spring and centrifugal force of the weights. The centre of rotation of the centrifugal weights, shifting the upper part of the distributor shaft with rising revs in rotation direction, is clearly visible.

Important is also the oil, just visible in the picture, lubricating the mechanics and thus preserving the centrifugal weights from stiffness. This could put an end to sporty engines when completely pulled out centrifugal weights keep fully engaged. Then the ignition timing is simply too early at lower revs, burning holes in the beforehand wonderfully smooth piston crowns. Therefore, the lubrication with oil via a small sponge in the distributor shaft is very important during the servicing and subsequently the slow trickling of the oil into the lower part.

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