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Test Analyser


Nowadays, there are some testers, where one has to ask oneself, what they are actually unable to do. The above figure shows one example which has the advantage of being universally applicable and not dedicated to any particular brand. It is, workshop tester and scanner in one, it can calculate and also write an invoice. Of course one can connect it to the internet and download updates and modules from the manufacturer.

How it works

First of all, there are not many reasonable areas of application for devices which do the measuring themselves. One uses this function, if the measuring process is easier and quicker than when using a control device. A concrete example of a measurement to be carried out only by the control device belonging to vehicles, is the broadband probe. In this case, the parts are simultaneously electrically energised and measurements are taken, too complex for customary electronic testers.

Indeed, one must then deal with the adjustment of the measuring instruments. Often this begins with the adaptation of a component (after replacement) to its own control device. Basic value assumptions can also be made after the tyre pressure check with the scanner function of the tester. In the model shown above, the additional storage of setting points, maintenance schedules and workshop advice is carried out. Of course, belonging to the latter is the operating sequence and, e.g., also the information about possible special tools.

With a scanner the depth of communication with the vehicle is important. A certain amount of standardisation has occurred through the introduction of On Board Diagnosis (OBD) 1991. The regulation of the communication between scanner and computer is called a protocol. One differentiates between modes with OBD. With it, it is possible to read-out the error-memory in part, or as a whole, and even the conditions under which the fault appeared. The read-out distinguishes between constant and non-constant supervision. Of course all OBD modes deal with engine functions relevant to the exhaust gas. With the introduction of the EOBD standard, (2000) (European On Board Diagnosis) the read-out and diagnosing have become even simpler because the placement/implementation of the plugs and error codes have become standardised.

With PCs becoming faster, the microscope functions have also become better. When Bosch brought out the FSA (560), an OS9 computer was required to take over these functions. Nowadays a standard PC and also a laptop is able to do this. Up to 8, thus more measurement values can be simultaneously shown represented as numbers and graphics. The specific reference values for each vehicle are available, as are the remaining data specific for the vehicle and also the model. Of course the measurements are also explained. Future mechanics can learn, with the first actual measurement, and at the same time, also how to use the tester.

All-important, apart from the assimilation of data, is its storage. Just imagine, one collects all the values during the test-drive, and stores them, when, e.g., mistakes appear. This would be possible perhaps even without a second person. The subsequent analysis and the comparison after repair can be made at leisure. One can build up error data bases and make comparisons to the pictures from computer programs. Quoting a diagnosis and of course also removal of the error by the push of a button. We won't even talk about the advantages of the storage for learning purposes.               Top of page               Index
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