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  Parking assistant


The system is clearly an enhancement of the parking aid. With this the driver had the possibility of being actively helped when searching for a parking slot and with the respective steering wheel movements.


Should one have pressed the respective button, an ultrasonic sensor measured the size of the parking slot on all sides of the car, however, only below a certain speed, e.g., 30 km/h. The park assistant then calculates, whether or not the parking slot can in fact, be used. A positive result is shown in the display. After giving precise instructions, the electric power steering kicks in when reversing is started.

What is important with the system, is that all other systems are controlled by the driver. One decides oneself, with how much elan one slots in. Whether the car has a manual- or an automatic gearbox, it makes no difference to the parking assistant. Of course, helpful is the already existing parking aid, which registers when the car is getting too close to an obstacle.

The parking assistant can only make adjustments according to the previously taken, precise measurements and the distance which has been driven in reverse. In principle, the assitant has calculated only a single reversing action. Should any shunting be necessary, it would not have chosen the parking slot. Fortunately, one can de-activate the system at any time and take over manually. By the way, the assistant can also recognise a suitable parking slot on the other side of the road. Indeed, you then have to press another button.

Those who are accustomed to zipping into a slot with lots of momentum, will have to adapt themselves to the parking assistant. It will only work up to a reversing speed of 7 km/h. Apart from the speed being too high, there are also other resons why it will refuse to function, e.g., when a trailer is connected or the ESP is switched off. 11/10