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Forward-facing child safety seats have the disadvantage, that they don't protect the child's head from being thrown forwards, thus, the danger of damage to the vortices or the nerve tracts is greater. Such an injury is often followed by paralysis, the higher up that the spinal cord is damaged, the worse it is. The child's head is thrown forwards but the body is restrained by the safety belt.

The force should be evenly distributed over the head, the neck and the body.

In the case of the reboarder, the rear-facing child safety seat, in the event of a fontal impact, the child is pressed into the seat and the relationship of head to torso remains almost unchanged. In the near future, the EU is planning to make the reboarder mandatory, at the moment only for children weighing up to 9 kg. The Isofix-mountings, which are already found in a great number of cars, will also then be legally required. As a rule, these can be also upgraded at a later date.

Unfortunately, the reboarder is twice as expensive as the front-facing-seat. It is however, also considerably more stable. The manufacturers are doing their best to keep the weight down, to make the installation easier. This process takes only a little longer, because they are always attached to the Isofix mountings. Unfortunately, because the mounting takes a little longer, they are given a less positive verdict in the safety tests.

This is actually quite absurd, that the testers are pitting the handling against the safety factor, indeed this is just what's happening. Nevertheless, basically anyone can understand the advantages of the rear-facing seat. By the way, the seat shown above, with five-point safety belts, is suitable for children up to four years old and costs just under €400. There is even a model, which in the beginning, has the possibility of being used as a rear-facing seat and later on as a front-facing seat.

It should not go unmentioned, that the reboarder also has it's disadvantages. Apart from the lack of legroom, the fact that the child may suffer from nausea must also be considered. Quite often, it can only be mounted on the passenger seat if this is moved very far to the front. One should also make sure that this position doesn't interfere with the driver's seat. The biggest disadvantage that the reboarder has, compared with the front-facing seat, is in the event of a rear impact. 03/14