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Child Safety Seat

The danger of becoming seriously injured or even killed in an accident, is seven times higher for children not strapped in as for those using safety seats. The childrens safety seat is legally required in Germany, for all children up to 12 years of age if they are smaller than 1.5 meters. Nevertheless, nearly one third of all children transported in cars are currently still on the road without a childrens seat.

Many childrens seats common today, are fastened incorrectly. In an accident the child flies around, absolutely uncontrollably, in the vehicle. This problem is solved by the Isofix fastening. Iso standardises the connection between the childrens seat and the vehicle. The concept 'Isofix' describes the herefor developed standard: The childrens seats equipped with this system are fitted with clasps which can be applied in all vehicles with standardised seat-belt clasps. The seat remains solidly in place, and it is almost impossible to fasten it wrongly. Two fastening points on the car body and on the seat restrain it reliably.

Because, in the meantime, the number of the accidents with a side impact are higher than those with a front/rear impact, the lateral support, particularly of the head, is important for the child. The transporting of children in reverse-directed childrens seats is also advantageous. However, it is then absolutely necessary to deactivate passenger air bag. 07/09               Top of page               Index
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