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Rear wiper

Wide, shallow windscreens -> wiper problems

The problem situation for the rear windshield wiper/s is different from the front wiper/s. Lifting off from the screen is not a question, either because it does not happen at higher speeds, or because it doesen't really matter. However, rear windows are very wide, and through the rising waistline and sloping roof, are also very narrow. To achieve a certain amount of wiping width, the centre of rotation would have to be quite far down on the tailgate, which is prevented however, by the position of the number plate together with its lighting.

Befor replacing the wiper motor first check the cable

How narrow a wiper motor can be, is shown in figure 2. Should you ever discover a defect in an electric component in the tailgate, don't exchange it directly. More than likely, only the cable in the hinge has given up its ghost. It must be especially flexible here, and breaks easily. Mostly, all it needs at this point, is to create a new connection. 03/08

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