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Airbags (Others)

PositionPrevents ...
Driver sideImpact steering wheel
Passenger frontImpact dashboard
Backrest/B-columnImpact door, side panel
RoofKinking of the head, impact side windows
Edge front seatsDive below the seat belt
Rear-seat-backrestImpact rear window
Dashboard lowImpact knee
Pedals driverFeet getting caught
Hood tilt upPedestrian injuries

Front seat-back restImpact of the rear passengers
Inflatable seat beltsIncise, improved clinging
Outside frontImpact too harsh for pedestrians
MotorcycleImpact to larger vehicle

Head, ribs, and lungs are protected

The side airbag should protect the upper part of the body with lateral impact. Without it the ribs are often squeezed in such accidents, endangering with it the lungs. Also the hips are protected, not as much though.
Figure 1 additionally shows a released head-airbag for front and rear passengers. One's head would be banged on the door or the side window and endure unacceptable accelerations/decelerations. Meanwhile there are head airbags for the rear window.

At least two sensors trigger air bag in seat back.

The side-impact airbag can be accommodated in the B pillar. Because of shortage of space, however, it is mostly placed in the seat back where air bag and gas generator are surrounded by a plastic case. To avoid an inadvertent release, the air bag control device always takes into account at least two sources. On the one hand a direct recognition sensor for the side impact and then the sensors for the front impact which can recognise also lateral accelerations and/or an accident generally.

Window surface air bag, head protection also for convertibles

-Generally, head air bags are accommodated at the side in the roofing. From there they often cover the complete lateral window surface (figure 1). However, especially for convertibles they can be also accommodated in the seat back and open the air bag upwards. As you can recognise from the table on top, the development of newer applications in this area does not come to an end so far.


If your vehicle features side-impact airbags, seat covers are not admitted if they are not equipped with special lateral openings. But, in the meantime, also here there are side-impact airbag suited solutions. 08/10