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Tube Inflator (air bag)

Step procedure against all kinds of impacts

If the percentage of side impact accidents rises, the vehicle manufacturers must react to it. Particularly as the crash zone is relatively small with side impacts. Thus special window air bags or side air bags gain importance. Meanwhile we passed the stage in which there was just a mere 'Yes' or 'no' when it comes to releasing the air bag. Nowadays, the release can be stepped according to the weight of the person to be protected. Always important, but currently even more so, are the weight and the volume of the system.

Detonator - nitrogen generator- inflate - pressure release

Gas generators are inserted in form of a pot for steering wheels and as tubular gas generators, e.g., for the front seat passenger's side. The tubular gas generator shown on top in the picture is especially small and, hence, does not use a lot of installation space. His inflating volume corresponds to the bigger surface but smaller volume of a side air bag. For example, the side- airbag should cover a large space in spite of a small volume.

The set-up is almost the same with all generators. Next to the electric connections the detonators are located. A small constriction leads to the tablets for the production of nitrogen on the right in the hollow cavity. The gas can flow out through a pipe socket to the folded air bag opposite the mounting screws. 01/09