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Great Britain 5

1932: Britain's car industry is the largest European producer.

We have little or not mentioned important companies such as Rolls-Royce and Bentley, where it also came to takeover during the economic crisis. As a further luxury brand, albeit with a completely different price level, the company SS now emerged, the renamed itself for obvious reasons in Jaguar after the war. To hurry far ahead, Jaguar will become known for sports achievements and the legendary E-Type of 1961, the one may even bestow the medal 'Often copied but never matched'.

So we have already arrived in the postwar period, have eg Vauxhall disregarded, provisionally preserved from oblivion even up to the present time through the takeover by General Motors. Apart of small manufacturers such as Morgan, only six are left and there will be four after mergers. Jaguar and Ford will score points, but at different levels. As an engineer Alec Issigonis will excel, for the world the first mass-produced front-wheel drive with four-stroke transverse engine.

The famous super small sports cars, with cutouts in the doors for the elbow, will be exported in large quantities to the USA and Great Britain help to free of the enormous war debt. If you consider only the advancement of Lotus to a first-class racing car company. Initially in association with Cosworth, whose V8 engines dominate the Formula 1 for years.

The importance of the British automobile construction is so great in the mid-sixties that even Chrysler, America's third-best group, is involved here. But the signs are already at saturation. The new plants in Coventry and Scotland are underutilized. The takeover of Peugeot and closures in the far north bring no improvement. After all, Peugeot is presented better than any other continental European car still today in the museum of Coventry.

The merger of the British car industry is complete with the formation of British Leyland in 1968. The Labour government is actively involved in this coup. It has been said, every country will have only one car company in the future. How wrong had one it. Initially, the new amalgamation expanded even with companies abroad. Noble loner, such as Jaguar, are lost in the huge conglomerate. William Lyons "leaves the sinking ship".

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