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Vane Pump


The vane-type pump is built into, e.g., the casing of the distributor type injection pump and suctions up the fuel from the tank, through the filter and transports it into the pump interior. However, there are still many other application areas for this type of pump. It is capable of a continuous transport at not too high pressures. It is less suitable for non-lubricating fluids, e.g. water.

How it works

A small drum with sealing blades, (wings) rotates clockwise on the oil pump drive shaft in a larger cylinder. A sickle-shaped hollow cavity develops through its eccentric position. Because the blades are pressed by the centrifugal force against the cylinder causing a sealing action, an expanding area is incurred on the right hand side (vacuum side) and on the left, a decreasing area (pressure side) develops. The inlet- and the pressure pipe flow into large pockets in the cylinder. These are formed to ensure that, on the one hand, the blades do not get fouled up, and on the other hand, that no back pressure develops inside the vane pump. A double-acting pump comes into being, if the drum with the blades rotates in a slightly elliptically shaped hollow block with both two suction- and pressure terminals. The feed rate becomes higher and above all, constant, with the same construction volume. 06/09               Top of page               Index
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